Jewelry Care

To fully enjoy any fashion jewelry, you must realize that fashion (costume) jewelry is not meant to last forever. We at HBJEWELRY BOX strive to sell high quality, fun, durable, skin friendly fashion jewelry, however the life of your jewelry depends on how you care for it and how often it is worn and cleaned.

Keep your jewelry away from the following as much as possible:

Direct Water, excessive sweat, lotion, perfume, hairspray, antibacterial gels or any other harsh chemicals.

​DO NOT​ wear any jewelry in the hot tub, pool or ocean. Chlorine, salt water and heat may permanently damage it. However, if this does occur, rinse and dry it well after, if you forget to remove it.

DO NOT use any liquid jewelry cleaner or sonic cleaner containing acid, alcohol or ammonia on fashion jewelry. It will strip the plating off the metal finish and can loosen the glue in stone settings or dull the stone(s).

When you're not wearing the jewelry, wipe it clean with a soft cloth to remove dirt​, ​sweat and oils. Store each piece separately in a soft cloth, pouch, jewelry box or a Ziploc bag to keep out moisture, air, heat and dust.​ ​By doing this it will help slow down the oxidation process.
Even the best quality electroplating may eventually tarnish due to oxidation. Clean it with a soft cloth or mild detergent with water if required. You can use a soft toothbrush to remove dirt and oil in crevices (NO TOOTHPASTE - too harsh and can cause scratching).
Rinse​ ​well with clean water and dry well with a soft cloth. Make sure the pieceis completely dry before you put it away. Any moisture can cause deterioration, rusting or oxidation.

.925 Sterling Silver Jewelry:

Follow the same general care instructions as above. Sterling silver can oxidize/tarnish overtime. Lightly tarnished silver can be cleaned with a silver polish cloth. Use a mild liquid silver cleaner for heavily tarnished pieces or a simple handmade solution of hot water, baking soda and aluminum foil.
​ Rinse and dry well, store away properly.